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Nobel Advancements in Neurophysiology (PSYC 263, Grad seminar)

We will explore the scientific achievement and historical context for each time the Nobel Prize was awarded within the field of neurophysiology. Each week we will read and discuss the Nobel lectures and seminal research papers from Nobel recipients. From the neuron doctrine to action potentials to visual processing and beyond, we will discuss the technological and biological insights that made each of these scientific breakthroughs possible.


Behavioral Neuroscience (NRSC/PSYC 200C, Grad core)

We will explore the cellular and circuit neural mechanisms underlying behavioral and cognitive processes, with a focus on mammalian neocortex. We will read a series of papers that analyze neural activity from recordings in behaving animals. Student presentations of these papers will focus on three main topics: 1) understanding and critiquing the behavioral design, 2) understand the neural recording methods and analyses and 3) considering possible neural circuit organizations linking neurons to behavior.


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